Saigon Shaker

Saigon Shaker is a custom Jeep Kaiser M715 monster truck created and owned by Rick Disharoon (original owner & creator of Backdraft) and Ryan Disharoon (driver). Originally based on Disharoon's original mud truck, the truck has evolved into a staple at multiple monster truck events.


  • 12,600 lbs.  
  • 19ft long 9’6 tall 10ft wide 
  • M715 Jeep Kaiser 
  • TMS Gen X Chassis 
  • 557 cu in Blown BBC  
  • 1600 HP 
  • PEI housing  
  • F106 third members 
  • CRD Clark Planetaries (rears) 
  • SCS transfer case, 
  • ATI power glide transmission,
  • TMS custom bead lock wheels 
  • PEI double bypass nitrogen shock  
  • 30" travel rear  
  • 26" travel front 
  • BKT tires 66" x 43" x 25" 


Shaker, previously known as Saigon Shaker, is a custom Jeep Kaiser M715 monster truck created by father and son duo Rick and Ryan Disharoon as The Metal Shop's flagship monster truck. 

The monster truck's journey began as a mud racer, but with their aspirations to re-enter into the monster truck racing scene, the Disharoon’s grew the truck’s capabilities and created one of the sport’s most respected names.  

The body of Shaker was inspired by Rick’s old mud truck Wet N Wild. This body style has long been a favorite of Rick’s due to its rich history and aesthetic appeal. At the time, there were no other Jeep monster trucks so the creation of a fiberglass M715 body was no easy feat. The Disharoon’s had to source a fiberglass fabricator willing to create the mold and finished product. The truck also features a soft canvas top instead of a full fiberglass shell around the driver, an addition made to stay true to the M715’s rustic military look.   

From the front it doesn’t fully replicate a M715. Instead of a brush guard bumper, they opted for the grill of a Gladiator rhino grill to save weight when it was originally created for mud racing. The headlights and their buckets were also a weight concern at the time of conception. While searching for a lightweight replacement, Rick found some chrome hubcaps in the shop that fit the bill. These changes were made for the mud racing application but became a part of the image of the Shaker and have been carried through in all phases of its evolution.  

Over the years, the Shaker's design has undergone several modifications, including a shift to tube chassis from the original stock frame. The creation of the fiberglass body dictated the final product of the chassis, which eventually evolved into The Metal Shop's Gen X chassis, setting a new standard in the industry. The Metal Shop’s Gen X chassis, that outperforms the previous versions and has set the bar for its competitors as it continues to push the boundaries o

Shaker Today

Thanks to The Metal Shop's innovations and custom fabrication, the Shaker has evolved into a top-performing professional monster truck. The Metal Shop's chassis department creates the most advanced monster trucks to date. As a result, Shaker now holds stadium and event championship wins. As Saigon's fan base grows, it continues to fuel Rick and Ryan to create the best monster trucks in the sport.